South Molton Museum located on the ground floor of the handsome Guildhall, completed in 1743 and situated on the south side of the town square.  The Museum is managed by South Molton Town Council and volunteers, and engages with the local community to show the social history of the town and its evolution through the centuries.
Museum Patron : The Countess of Arran
Collections reflecting the life and times of this historic market town and the surrounding district include local archaeological finds, agricultural implements, items of domestic interest, textiles, documents, maps, toys, and much else besides.

In addition to the permanent exhibits there is an eclectic and changing programme of displays; please check the Exhibitions page for details.

Many people are fascinated by their family history, and there is a service point and someone to help and guide you through the process  by appointment only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

A free informative leaflet is available to download here to help guide visitors through the collections.  Museum staff are always available to help you during your visit and will make every effort to assist anyone with particular access needs.

Please note that children of all ages are welcome, but that animals (with the exception of Guide Dogs) are not permitted inside the Museum.
This museum is part of your community and is dedicated to the ancient and modern history of South Molton and the surrounding district.

Come and see our exhibit of locally collected stone age tools, or listen to Mr. Dart telling you about cider making.

Have you seen our man-trap or our Newsham 1736 Fire Engine?

Maybe the history of local mining interests you and of course there are sheep.

South Molton would not have prospered if it were not for sheep, hence their depiction on the borough’s coat of arms.

While you are browsing the exhibits the children can be doing one of our quizzes.

Admission is FREE but of course we would welcome a donation.
Children welcome!
Come and search the exhibits for chicks and earn yourself a sweet (if Mum says so!).
Children welcome!
Come and search the exhibits for chicks and earn yourself a sweet (if Mum says so!).

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